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Long Spine Sea Urchin

This is a long spine sea urchin.  It is also called long-spined sea urchin, lime urchin, or black sea urchin.  Sea urchins are in a group of animals called echinoderms, which also include sea stars.  Long spine sea urchins live … Continue reading

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Lined Seahorse

These are lined seahorses.  They are also called northern seahorses.  I saw them at SeaWorld‘s Manta Aquarium.  Seahorses are fun to watch.  They change color to blend in with their surroundings, and they like to hang on to plants with … Continue reading

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Alligator Gar

The one on the left is an alligator gar.  It is sometimes called a gator gar.  It is a big fish that looks a little like an alligator.  It has a long snout and big teeth just like an alligator.  … Continue reading

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American Alligator

This is an American alligator.  It is also called a gator, and its scientific name is Alligator mississippiensis.  They are found in Florida and all the rest of the Gulf coast states.  When Spanish explorers first came to Florida, they … Continue reading

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Scarlet Cleaner Shrimp

This is a scarlet cleaner shrimp.  They are also called northern cleaner shrimp, skunk cleaner shrimp, and Pacific cleaner shrimp.  They are called skunk cleaner shrimp because they have a stripe on their back like a skunk. Scarlet cleaner shrimp … Continue reading

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Giant Pacific Octopus

This is a giant Pacific octopus, also called North Pacific giant octopus.  I saw this one at SeaWorld in the Manta Aquarium exhibit.  This giant Pacific octopus is sleeping.  Shhhh!  I can tell it is sleeping because its eyes are … Continue reading

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Florida Manatee

These are Florida manatees.  The Florida manatee is a subspecies of West Indian manatee, which live in South America, Central America, Florida, Cuba, the Caribbean Sea, and the east coast of the United States. Manatees are not fish.  They are … Continue reading

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Shamu and Raymie

I went to SeaWorld in Orlando, Florida last Friday!  I went with my mom.  I had a lot of fun.  I got to see lots of animals.  We took lots of pictures, and I have a lot of stories to … Continue reading

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Tomato Frog

This is a tomato frog.  It is also called a Madagascar red frog.  Tomato frogs live in eastern Madagascar, which is an island next to Africa.  They are called tomato frogs because they look like a tomato. The tadpoles and … Continue reading

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Waxy Monkey Frog

This is a waxy monkey frog, also called waxy monkey leaf frog or painted-belly leaf frog.  It lives in the South America’s Chaco Desert in Argentina, Paraguay, and Bolivia.  Most frogs like to live in cool places, but this frog … Continue reading

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