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Banded Leporinus

This is a banded leporinus. It is also called black-banded leporinus. They are native to the Amazon, but have been introduced to Florida and Hawaii. However, no banded leporinuses have been seen in Hawaii since 2005. Banded leporinuses eat alage, … Continue reading

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Blue-gray Tanager

This is a blue-gray tanager.  It is also called a blue jean.  It lives in Mexico, Central America, and Northern South America.  It has been introduced into Lima, Peru and Hollywood, Florida.  It lives in gardens, farmlands, and forests.  It … Continue reading

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White-faced Whistling Duck

This is a white-faced whistling duck.  It has a wide-spread range in both the Old World and New World.  In the Old World it is found in Africa and Madagascar, and in the New World it is found in the … Continue reading

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