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Antilles Pink-Toe Tarantula

This is an Antilles pink-toe tarantula.  It is also called Martinique Red Tree Spider.  These spiders live in the Antilles islands.  They are called pink-toe because they have pink toes.  They live inside of trees and they make a funnel … Continue reading

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Sticky Spider Feet

My friend Natalie asked me a question on Facebook: How can a spider walk upsidedown on the ceiling? That’s a great question.  Different animals have different ways of sticking to walls and ceilings.  Frogs, like the Chinese gliding frog, have … Continue reading

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I saw this spider today while we were looking for a geocache.  We think it is some kind of orbweaver, but we don’t know what species it is.  It was cool.  I like the web.

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