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Crested Screamers

This is a crested screamer, also called southern screamer.  They live in South America in the countries of Peru, Bolivia, Paraguay, Brazil, Uruguay, and Argentina.  They can swim like ducks and build their nests near water.  But their legs are … Continue reading

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Baby Snails

I have some news about my gold Inca snails.  A couple of months ago, I got a new snail for my aquarium.  He’s a blue mystery snail and his name is Azul.  I’ll write another blog post about Azul soon.  … Continue reading

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American Alligator

This is an American alligator.  It is also called a gator, and its scientific name is Alligator mississippiensis.  They are found in Florida and all the rest of the Gulf coast states.  When Spanish explorers first came to Florida, they … Continue reading

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Florida Manatee

These are Florida manatees.  The Florida manatee is a subspecies of West Indian manatee, which live in South America, Central America, Florida, Cuba, the Caribbean Sea, and the east coast of the United States. Manatees are not fish.  They are … Continue reading

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When we went to Heckrodt Wetland Reserve on Saturday, we saw a tank with baby crayfish in it.  They were only about 1/2 inch long.  The lady that works at Heckrodt told me that when they first got them they … Continue reading

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American Bullfrog Tadpoles

These are American bullfrog tadpoles.  Tadpoles are baby frogs.  The female bullfrog lays up to 20,000 eggs.  The tadpoles hatch from the eggs in 3-5 days.  Then the tadpoles swim around and slowly turn into frogs.  It can take 2 … Continue reading

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These are chicks that live at Uncle Pete and Aunt Paula’s farm.  They were really cute and really soft.  They live in a big trough with a heat lamp to keep them warm.  There is also a dead deer hanging … Continue reading

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This is Liberty, a Humboldt penguin chick at Milwaukee County Zoo.  I just learned about her while reading the Zoo’s website.  She was named Liberty because she hatched on July 4th of this year. Liberty’s dad is named Jack and … Continue reading

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On Monday, we went to the Tour of Missions at Pathways Church.  It was fun. Each room in the church was a different country.  In the Moldova room, they had live animals!  Here is a picture of me next to … Continue reading

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Canada Geese

I saw these Canada geese at my daddy’s work, near the Fox River. It was a mommy and daddy goose with 22 babies.  Baby geese are called goslings.  We took this picture this past summer on June 5, which is … Continue reading

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