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Flower Hat Jelly

This is a Flower Hat Jelly. They are found off the coast of Japan, but there have been sightings in Brazil and Argentina. Flower Hat Jellies eat fish and aquatic invertebrates. They catch them in their tentacles. This kills the … Continue reading

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Sea Lamprey

These are Sea Lampreys. They are also called Lake Lamprey, Spotted Lamprey, Eelsucker, Green Lamprey, or Shad Lamprey. Sea Lampreys are native to the Atlantic Ocean, the Mediterranean Sea, and the Black Sea. Although those are salt water, they enter … Continue reading

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Boesman’s Rainbowfish

This is a Boesman’s rainbowfish.  It is also called a Boesmani rainbowfish, and the word Boesman is sometimes spelled Boseman or Boeseman.  They live in Papua New Guinea in streams and lakes.  They are a popular aquarium fish because of … Continue reading

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Swimmer and Hop

I have two pet African dwarf frogs.  Their names are Swimmer and Hop.  Swimmer is the bigger one.  Sometimes it is hard to tell which is which if they are not right next to each other, but I think the … Continue reading

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Upside-down Jellies

Yesterday I went to the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago.  They have a special exhibit there called Jellies that has lots of jellyfish.  Most jellyfish can sting other animals.  Their bodies are mostly water. These are upside-down jellies, also called upside-down … Continue reading

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Baby Snails

I have some news about my gold Inca snails.  A couple of months ago, I got a new snail for my aquarium.  He’s a blue mystery snail and his name is Azul.  I’ll write another blog post about Azul soon.  … Continue reading

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Peppermint Shrimp

This is a peppermint shrimp.  It is hard to see in this picture, but peppermint shrimp have red and white stripes like a peppermint stick.  The peppermint shrimp is a cleaner shrimp, like the scarlet cleaner shrimp, which means that … Continue reading

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Long Spine Sea Urchin

This is a long spine sea urchin.  It is also called long-spined sea urchin, lime urchin, or black sea urchin.  Sea urchins are in a group of animals called echinoderms, which also include sea stars.  Long spine sea urchins live … Continue reading

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Lined Seahorse

These are lined seahorses.  They are also called northern seahorses.  I saw them at SeaWorld‘s Manta Aquarium.  Seahorses are fun to watch.  They change color to blend in with their surroundings, and they like to hang on to plants with … Continue reading

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Alligator Gar

The one on the left is an alligator gar.  It is sometimes called a gator gar.  It is a big fish that looks a little like an alligator.  It has a long snout and big teeth just like an alligator.  … Continue reading

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