This is a picture of a bluegill that I caught at my great grandma’s cabin on French Lake near Lakewood, Wisconsin.  French Lake is a nice quiet lake, and we like to go canoeing and fishing there.  The only thing that is not quiet is the common loons that live there, but they are a lot of fun to watch and listen to.

Bluegills are a kind of sunfish.  Bluegills can be found in much of North America, and bluegill fishing is very common in Wisconsin.  When we caught this fish, we were using thunderbugs for bait. Thunderbugs are dragonfly larvae. We bought them at a bait shop, and they worked really well for catching fish like bluegills.  They worked much better than the worms and leaches that we also bought that day.

About Raymie

Raymie is a 11 year old boy who loves animals. He is always looking around for new animals. He wants to be a zookeeper someday.
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  1. Grandma Miller says:

    This is a great picture of you, Raymie! I’m glad you enjoy fishing so much. It’s good that you get to go to Great Grandma’s cabin on the lake.

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