Giant Water Bug

My friend Dan was at work, and they found this bug inside their office.  The ladies were scared and thought it was a cockroach.  It really is a giant water bug.

Giant water bugs are very large true bugs.  They eat smaller insects, tadpoles, and even small fish.  It is also called a toe-biter, because it sometimes bites people.  I read a story online of a person that got bit by one in the hand, and his hand swelled up and he couldn’t use it for 2 weeks.

It lives in southern Canada, throughout the United States, and into Mexico.  Wow, that’s almost all of North America!

This bug is 2-1/2 inches long.  It’s tough to tell from the picture above, so we took some more pictures with a penny in it so you can see just how big it is.  Click on the pictures to see them bigger.

Thanks, Dan, for bringing me this cool bug!  This one is going in my bug collection.

About Raymie

Raymie is a 11 year old boy who loves animals. He is always looking around for new animals. He wants to be a zookeeper someday.
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5 Responses to Giant Water Bug

  1. Grandma Miller says:

    You did a really good job telling us about the Giant Water Bug, Raymie. Thanks for the amazing pictures!

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  3. Uncle Jim says:

    Hey Rayme, when I clicked on the picture of the giant waterbug to make it bigger, I scared myself.

  4. Robin says:

    Hi Rayme! I found your website when looking for more information on the giant water bug. I was looking at pictures on the Flickr site of a lady who makes mosaics, and she has other photos as well, mostly of her family and pets and of wild creatures in her yard. She saw one of these and took some pretty great photos of it. Example:

    Anyway, your page is amazing. Keep up the great work!

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