Bad Kitty

We’ve been reading a chapter book at home called Happy Birthday, Bad Kitty.  It is a very funny book by Nick Bruel.  We read some of the Bad Kitty books at school, and I liked them so much I wanted to read more at home.  At school we read Bad Kitty Takes a Bath; Happy Birthday, Bad Kitty; Bad Kitty vs. Uncle Murray; Bad Kitty; and Poor Puppy.  At home we are reading Happy Birthday, Bad Kitty and Bad Kitty vs. Uncle Murray.

I really like Nick Bruel books because it is funny when Bad Kitty does really silly things. These are some of the things that Bad Kitty has done: She’s had funny dreams, she wants a puppy cage for puppy, and she got mixed up with the time of day and thought it was a different day.  If you want to read some funny books, you should try reading a Nick Bruel book.

You can learn things about animals from Nick Bruel.  In Happy Birthday, Bad Kitty, I learned that cats are crepuscular, which means that it is most active at dawn and at at dusk.  I also learned about different breeds of cats, such as a sphinx cat, which has no hair, and american shorthair cats.

About Raymie

Raymie is a 11 year old boy who loves animals. He is always looking around for new animals. He wants to be a zookeeper someday.
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3 Responses to Bad Kitty

  1. Piper Hall says:

    Hello Raymie-

    I have a siamese kitty and I’d like to read Bad kitty vs. Uncle Murray- can you tell me where you got that book?

  2. Raymie says:

    Hi Piper! I got it at the book fair at Johnston. But if you want to read it, you can borrow it from me.

  3. Mrs. Kuehl and her daughter Abby says:

    Hi Raymie!
    I am home with Abby today because she is sick. We decided to go on your website and we are happy you liked reading the Bad Kitty books at school. It was Abby’s idea for me to read these books to the class because she liked them so much and thought you would too. We hope you like the book we are reading in class now, The Trumpet of the Swan. It was Abby’s idea to read that book too! See you in school on Friday!

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