Canada Geese Resting

Every evening for the last month, hundreds of Canada geese have been coming to a pond near my house.  They spend the night there resting, and they take off in the morning.  The next evening, new geese come to take their place.

The geese are migrating south for the winter.  They are going to the gulf coast states of Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida.  They are also going to California’s coasts and beaches, and Mexico.

We woke up early yesterday morning and walked over to the pond to see the geese and take these pictures.  Pretty soon there won’t be any geese here anymore until spring.  We also made a movie.  The loud noise is just wind against the microphone on our camera, but you can hear the geese honking.  You can also see some geese fly in that woke up early and went to look for a snack.

Canada Geese Resting on Vimeo.

Or watch on YouTube. (If you are using an iPod, this is the link you want.)

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Raymie is a 11 year old boy who loves animals. He is always looking around for new animals. He wants to be a zookeeper someday.
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  1. Uncle Paul says:

    Sounds a lot like a cocktail party. There’s a cocktail party at the reservoir.

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