Glass Bloodfin Tetras

These are my pet glass bloodfin tetras.  We have four of them and their names are Pio, Nineta, Nine, and Seventen.  Glass bloodfin tetras are also called glass bloodfins and x-ray fish.  These fish are very special because they have see-through scales.  You can see their bones and their stomachs.  You can also see right through them sometimes.  They have red tails, which is why they are called bloodfins.  From this picture, it might look like we have more than four, but the ones at the top are just reflections off the top of the water.  Glass bloodfin tetras are native to South America.  Their scientific name is Prionobrama filigera.

This is also a good picture of the live plant that we have in our tank.  It is an Anubias, which is an African plant.  The fish like to hide under its leaves, and our Plecostomus likes to suck on the leaves.

At the bottom of the picture you can see Creamsicle, our creamsicle lyretail molly.

About Raymie

Raymie is a 11 year old boy who loves animals. He is always looking around for new animals. He wants to be a zookeeper someday.
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2 Responses to Glass Bloodfin Tetras

  1. jeff says:

    My ? Is.What is a bloodfin tetra.Is it a herbivore or a carnivore.Also I have 2 catfish and a algae eater.Are they herbivore or carnivores.This would help me out a lot.Ive been afraid to add fish because I don’t know what group they are in.Thanks.

    • Raymie says:

      Glass bloodfin tetras are omnivores. Algae eaters, if you feed your fish bloodworms, they will be omnivores. Otherwise they are herbivores. The catfish depends on what kind of catfish you have. You should find a good fish store and ask the person who runs the store what kind of fish you should get next.

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