Baby Snails

I have some news about my gold Inca snails.  A couple of months ago, I got a new snail for my aquarium.  He’s a blue mystery snail and his name is Azul.  I’ll write another blog post about Azul soon.  We found out that our gold Inca snails, Golden and Little Golden, were female and Azul is a male.  We know this because we saw them mating.  Yesterday, we saw that Golden and Little Golden had died.  As we were getting ready to take them out of the tank, we saw a baby snail!  I named him Dotty.  He’s really small.  I measured him, and he’s about 3/8 of an inch, or about 1 centimeter long.  That’s him in the picture above.  Here’s another picture of his foot that we took while he was on the glass.

Then, we saw another baby snail!  That one was really, really small.  So we have seen at least two baby snails in our tank.  I wonder if there are any more in there?

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Raymie is a 11 year old boy who loves animals. He is always looking around for new animals. He wants to be a zookeeper someday.
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