Boesman’s Rainbowfish

This is a Boesman’s rainbowfish.  It is also called a Boesmani rainbowfish, and the word Boesman is sometimes spelled Boseman or Boeseman.  They live in Papua New Guinea in streams and lakes.  They are a popular aquarium fish because of their colors.  The front half is purple, and the back half is yellow.  I saw this fish today at an aquarium at the doctor’s office at Affinity in Neenah.  They have a really cool aquarium in the lobby.  The aquarium was a freshwater warmwater tank, but it had artificial coral in it.  The fish seemed to like the coral.  They even hide in the coral.  When my dad saw the fish, he called it a Minnesota Vikings fish because of the color.  The coral was mostly Packer colors.

Boesman’s rainbowfish are not considered a beginner’s aquarium fish, but there are lots of other fish that they will get along with in a tank, including clown loaches, one pleco, one red-tailed black shark, one rainbow shark, platys, swordtails, mollies, barbs, danios, and bala sharks.

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